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Overall: a wonderful mock advertisement! This is done incredibly well. I will say that I'm unsure as to whether this is a "TV program" ...

Well, the Loki cosplayer already knows how I feel about her portrayal: costume, hair, face, etc. For anyone else they can visit her web...

First off, this is indeed a lovely shot as a whole. The scene is wonderful and unique... I've seen creeks and pools, rain, forests, all...



>                 ~~~~~ ATTENTION ~~~~~                <
2 weeks ago I lost my hard drive.  This was a devastating loss to me as I've lost all info pertaining to my job, my children, bank accounts & artwork.  I've lost thousands of photos of my kids, tens of thousands of pics that have been downloaded, & artwork that includes the "Loki's outfits" & height charts.  Also gone are all trace of deceased pets & loved ones (pictures, videos, sound files).  I have been somewhat in mourning for my loss & have been reluctant to get back online.  It's unfortunate that I was about to add "skinny Steve" to the height chart after heavy research to find that the skinny double for Steve was even 4 or 5 inches taller than the character & the actor playing Steve actually played his skinny pre-serum counterpart & was digitally slimmed down, etc.  The height chart & Loki collages took over 70 hours of research, downloading, conversions & digital manipulation to create... now they are gone except for what has been uploaded here on DA.  I would love to complete both the chart & Loki's outfits but feel a deep anguish at starting all over again.  I will try to respond to all messages left in the meantime & perhaps someday far in the future I will try to re-create & better what I've lost for the benefit to all.  Thank you.
>     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     <

Name: Dyani (the D-AMJ-C are my initials complete with hyphens)

Age: just turned 35 in September

Residence:  Greater Phoenix Area, Arizona, United States

Relationship:  exceedingly happily married (to a man)

Kids:  yes, 2 little girls actually

Pets: yes again, 3 cats

Hostages: no, but there's plenty of time for that

Interests: a great many

Dislikes: not as many as interests

Job: work for internet company

Disabilities: High-Functioning Autism* (or "Aspergers Syndrome")

Abilities: organizational skills like you wouldn't believe

  * Because of this "disability" I have trouble socially.  I have a
     tendency to hurt or anger people.  If I ever do so to you,
     please, PLEASE let me know so that I may properly apologize.
     I heavily rely on the kindness of those I unknowingly irritate
     to let me know when I've made a faux pas so that I may
     add that bit of knowledge to my forever-growing list of social
     queues.  Calling me out on my crassness, rudeness,
     insensitivity, idiocy, (etc.) is something I deeply WANT
     because all it does is HELP ME in life, and, in turn, help
     others so that I don't upset them.  This is a mental disorder
     that teaches those who are afflicted with it great humility
     (over time; when you're young it's just something you don't
     understand and it just plain hurts).  I am an American,
     born and raised in Arizona.  Yes, I know that my style of
     speaking and mannerisms are a bit off and I try to correct
     them as well as I can.  I've done exceedingly well for myself
     in life (when so many others with Asperger's ends up opting
     out of life by their own hand) and count myself very lucky.
     I don't embarrass so it really doesn't matter how you tell
     me anything nor does subject matter mean much to me.
     I understand the concept of embarrassment, it just doesn't
     affect me (believe me, it's actually a hindrance to not feel
     this emotion).  I do, however, feel pain and if I
     ACCIDENTALLY (remember, please, I upset people enough
     without meaning to, I NEVER, EVER do it on purpose)
     cause you grief, I ask that you do not lash out at me with
     disparaging remarks as it does nothing to further my
     learning, it just makes me sad.  Ignore me or tell me what
     I've done in as emotionless a manner as possible and I will
     do all I can to understand and rectify my original meaning
     and apologize for my inappropriate words.  Thank you so
     much deviantART community.


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United States


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