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Loki's Boots (from The Avengers) - Gold Circlets by D-AMJ-C Loki's Boots (from The Avengers) - Gold Circlets by D-AMJ-C
With so much back and forthing concerning Loki's boots and the color of the circlets (and edging), I needed to do some more "research" (I looked at a bunch of photos) and come to a conclusion. Well, I did just that and have come to said conclusion: his boots feature gold circlets and bright gold edging when he's wearing his full battle armored outfit. The black circlets and dull gold (or bronze, can't tell actually) edging are paired with his "casual" outfit (which would be the outfit that's not full battle gear or a suit and tie). Here are some more examples of Loki's boots along with what he's wearing with them. Yes, some of the pictures aren't very high quality but they were the best I could find online. All images of Loki have come from the internet; none have been taken or scanned by me. I have noticed that any light reflection from the circlets changes from outfit to outfit. When he's in his casual wear and the circlets are black, they shine white in the light. When he's in his battle gear and the circlets are gold, they shine yellow in the light.

So I hope this has been helpful. This whole debate started with this: [link] picture -- called "Loki's Boots (from The Avengers)" -- and will continue with the picture called "Loki's Boots (from The Avengers) - Black Circlets", which I'll provide a link for when I get it up.

Please feel free to argue against my observations but I ask that you try to do so without using sarcasm or anger as I am not doing any of this as a personal insult against anyone and their own ideas. I usually answer every single comment left and sometimes at great length but it's hard when I feel like I'm defending myself/apologizing. This really is all my opinion which is as fallible as anyone else's. Thank you.
NoBuddy-else Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
Good job!! :dance:
D-AMJ-C Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
Thank you!
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